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The New Social Media Trends to Expect in 2016

by Liz Rodriguez, January 11, 2016

Social Media Trends expected to drive the most engagement in 2016   We are living in a world ever increasingly dominated by social media. From following the US party political Presidential debates on Twitter, to using Instagram as a daily photo diary, 2015 has set the scene for what will … Continue reading

8 quick & dirty tips to update your website today and stay ahead in 2016

by Liz Rodriguez, December 30, 2015

A website that is not updated loses value and trust. Your site should be treated like a garden. Here are some tips to keep your website updated, fresh & ready for 2016: Install HTTPS / SSL and stay Google compliant. You can also enjoy an SEO boost. Replace old images … Continue reading

Website Design Services with Strategy for 2016

by Liz Rodriguez, December 29, 2015

Ringing in the New: Website Design Services with Strategy for 2016 As the New Year approaches, we are bombarded by even more new technology. The ever-evolving realm of website design services & social media are so important for SEO. In the booming, competitive world of the Internet, it’s becoming more … Continue reading

Top digital agency and how to spot one

by Liz Rodriguez, December 22, 2015

Top digital agency tips to look out for when selecting the right parters Digital and internal marketing are some things that are challenging for many businesses. For this reason, it is common to rely on the partnership of a top digital agency. But, with so many digital shops available today, … Continue reading

Don’t get “Trumped”. Protect your .MIAMI company’s name domain now!

by Liz Rodriguez, December 10, 2015

 .MIAMI domain on sale now. Don’t let your competitors take over your company’s online brand identity. Recently in the news we learned that Donald Trump had purchased the domain and created a great website for Donald Trump’s presidential campaign. Leaving your company’s domain name out there in the vast digital … Continue reading

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