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Post filed under : Marketing
Website redesign to help kick start engagment

Website redesign to help kick start engagment

by Liz Rodriguez, January 26, 2015

How a Website Redesign Might Just Be the Best Lead Generation Tool of All When it comes to generating leads, one of the most powerful tools in your arsenal may very well be a website redesign. By undergoing a complete website redesign, your website could start to generate more leads for … Continue reading

Are Tablets and Mobile Websites taking over in 2015 +… Are desktops dead?

Are Tablets and Mobile Websites taking over in 2015 +… Are desktops dead?

by Liz Rodriguez, January 24, 2015

About 1/3 of all smartphone owners no longer use their computer to browse the internet – even when they are home! Its time for a mobile website This is causing a radical change in the way we design and use websites. Think about it. Our desktops are often out of … Continue reading

8 Tips to Create a Successful Digital Marketing Strategy for your brand

8 Tips to Create a Successful Digital Marketing Strategy for your brand

by Liz Rodriguez, August 22, 2014

Digital Marketing Strategy in 8 steps for success. Are you struggling to find the right digital marketing strategy for your small business? If you want to enhance your online presence, but are unsure how to go about it, continue reading to learn more about how to design your own digital marketing strategy. 1. Decide what you want to do. Your website should have a goal. Do you want to direct more traffic to your website? Do you want to increase your call volume? Ask yourself the hard questions and you’ll find your Digital Marketing Strategy taking shape. 2. Read about online marketing. New programs and innovations come out every day. Set aside some time each week to read your favorite marketing blog and get ideas for your website. 3. Adjust your headlines. Do your title tags describe your website? What is at the top of your home page? Does it describe what your website is for and does it do it in a unique way? If not, you need to remodel your <title> tags. 4. Track and analyze your metrics. Listening to your customers is important. Tracking how they use your website is also important. You cannot understand or improve what you cannot measure, so be sure to use Google Analytics and other tools to track your website’s activity. 5. Use free business directories. Many local business directories are absolutely free. Submit your information and measure how much business the free directories generate before you pay for their services. 6. Visit competitor’s websites. See what your competition is doing; pay special attention to companies that are successful. How do their websites compare to yours? 7. Include multi­media. Video content gives your website a huge ranking boost and appeals to many different age groups. Every business should have some type of video channel or presence and post to it regularly. 8. Blog regularly. Blogging can be tricky if you’re not a writer, but it is one of the most effective social media strategies available. If you’re not a writer, hire a content writer to create posts for you. By utilizing the right Digital Marketing Strategy, you can grow your business through your online presence!

Award-winning Digital Agency partners for success

by Liz Rodriguez, January 27, 2014

Award-winning Digital Agency in Today’s Online World. Have you been avoiding enhancing your digital presence? Does the idea of making your website mobile responsive keep you up at night? Does the hashtag both terrify and confuse you (because – let’s be honest – aren’t we just talking about a pound … Continue reading

Quality Graphic Design Directly Impacts Your Brand.

by Liz Rodriguez, January 23, 2014

Quality Graphic Design May Impact Your brand More Than you Think. The key to having a successful business on the World Wide Web is to create and promote a beautiful and easy-to-use website for all of your customers and visitors. Just like you would invest in top interior designer for … Continue reading

Responsive Web Design, is it important to your business?

by Liz Rodriguez, December 9, 2013

  How important is Responsive Web design to your business? Responsive Web design Is critical for the success of your online business. Considering that we are living in a mobile digital age, Responsive Mobile Web Design is critical. By the year 2014, more then 40% of all online searches will … Continue reading

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by Liz Rodriguez, December 1, 2013

New Advertising guidelines for lawyers This handbook was produced by the Ethics and Advertising Department in an effort to assist advertising lawyers in developing advertisements that comply with the rules governing lawyer advertising. For your convenience, this handbook includes, among other things: an overview of applicable regulations broken down by … Continue reading

3 Golden Do-It-Yourself SEO Tips

by Liz Rodriguez, November 20, 2013

An un-SEO’d website is like a restaurant sitting in the middle of the Sahara desert. Only vultures know it’s there. Here are (3) three basic strategies you can implement yourself to help your website rank higher on searches and make you feel golden. 1. Write About Cool Stuff Content is king … Continue reading

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Creative Agencies: What We Do and Why They are Needed More than Ever

by Liz Rodriguez, June 27, 2013

[one_half] The other day, we talked about a few of Design House Agency’s favorite graphic design companies in the United States and the innovative work they have created for their wide range of clients. Today, we want to discuss some of the more specific things creative agencies do and the … Continue reading

Is your Website (Retina) Ready?

by Liz Rodriguez, June 25, 2013

Everyone in the web design world and the tech world in general are always trying to figure out new and innovative ways to create a better Internet website viewing experience.  One of the most recent ways to achieving this never-ending goal is through the development of a retina ready website. … Continue reading

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