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Post filed under : Photography

8 quick & dirty tips to update your website today and stay ahead in 2016

by Liz Rodriguez, December 30, 2015

A website that is not updated loses value and trust. Your site should be treated like a garden. Here are some tips to keep your website updated, fresh & ready for 2016: Install HTTPS / SSL and stay Google compliant. You can also enjoy an SEO boost. Replace old images … Continue reading

Coral Gables, Home to our Creative Agency

by Liz Rodriguez, December 4, 2015

Coral Gables, the City beautiful! Coral Gables, the City beautiful aka as the Gables is home to our digital agency. We really enjoy the Gables and its great weather all year around.  Coral Gables, Florida is located right in heart of Miami and just minutes from anywhere. We can get … Continue reading

Creative Agencies: What We Do and Why They are Needed More than Ever

by Liz Rodriguez, June 27, 2013

[one_half] The other day, we talked about a few of Design House Agency’s favorite graphic design companies in the United States and the innovative work they have created for their wide range of clients. Today, we want to discuss some of the more specific things creative agencies do and the … Continue reading

Is your Website (Retina) Ready?

by Liz Rodriguez, June 25, 2013

Everyone in the web design world and the tech world in general are always trying to figure out new and innovative ways to create a better Internet website viewing experience.  One of the most recent ways to achieving this never-ending goal is through the development of a retina ready website. … Continue reading

Google maps now customizes to you on the move!

by Liz Rodriguez, May 28, 2013

Google maps Google maps now adjust to your current location and customizes the mapping system to recommend places you would like around your local current location. Google made the announcement on May 15 2013. The mapping system will customize depending on your location and other variables like your primary address, … Continue reading

Image is everything when it comes to web design.

by Liz Rodriguez, April 15, 2012

An effective professional website contains several important factors, starting with: Eye-catching design Engaging content Call-to-action buttons User-friendly navigation A critical but rarely-mentioned element is image selection. Some website agencies jam stock images into the websites they build. Stock images can get the job done, but the love just doesn’t show. … Continue reading

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4 tips for choosing the right creative agency to design your logo

by Liz Rodriguez, April 8, 2012

Creative Agency to design for your business Budget First, you should determine your budget and remember what can be cheap can usually end up being very expensive. A $99 dollar logo will get you just that – a basic design. A logo represents your business culture, mission and vision. Underestimating … Continue reading

Graphic of banner from Awwwards for Design House which were nominees