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Post filed under : Social Media

Digital Advertising Agency and City Of Coral Gables “Water Is Life” Art Exhibit March 6, 2014

by Liz Rodriguez, March 4, 2014

Digital Advertising Agency – Design House,City Of Coral Gables, Coral Gables Museum “Water Is Life”. Coral Gables Museum and the City Of Coral Gables Announces Art Exhibit Water is Life – Opening Night Reception, March 6 at 7pm and Runs Through March 30 Water is one of the most basic elements … Continue reading

The Top 3 Reasons Your Social Media Presence Matters

by Liz Rodriguez, February 27, 2014

Social Media  Really Matters Top 3 Reasons Why   Social media is vital to your digital marketing strategy. You may think that Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Pinterest are just fun ways to waste time at work, but they are far more than a delightful distraction. In fact, social media is poised to become the biggest marketing platform in history and, if used correctly, social media can engage your existing audience as well as potential customers or clients.   1. Reach Audiences Across the Globe Like real­life socializing, social media affords individuals the opportunity to interact, share ideas and enjoy each other’s company, but with one important difference: social media allows real­time interaction with individuals all over the world. Social media marketing makes the most of this ability and allows businesses to communicate with clients and other businesses anytime, anywhere. If there is breaking news in San Francisco, CA and it needs to be shared immediately with your followers in Pyeongtaek, South Korea, it can be done instantly. Regardless if you are sharing a new blog post or rolling out a new feature of your business, social media will keep your followers in the loop.   2. Enhance the Customer Service Experience When it comes to building brand loyalty and enticing customers to try a new product or service, there is little that is more compelling than testimony from satisfied customers. The majority of consumers look for immediate opportunities to interact with companies and other users or customers. Social media specializes in this kind of engagement and creates an instant connection between brand and consumer. Not only does this serve to satisfy the immediate needs of the customer, but businesses can use this feedback to tailor their customer service approach.   3. Make the Most of Your Marketing Strategy Advertising has been around for many years, but social media is relatively new and, in a short time, it has changed what people think of it in terms of brand promotion. By incorporating social media into your digital marketing campaign, you will find that you engage your current customers on a much deeper level and attract far more of the people you want to target with your ad campaigns. Target specific consumers based on their feedback and keep your followers up ­to ­date with the click of a button Your social media presence is one of the most important pieces of your digital marketing strategy. Cultivate personal … Continue reading

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Award-winning Digital Agency partners for success

by Liz Rodriguez, January 27, 2014

Award-winning Digital Agency in Today’s Online World. Have you been avoiding enhancing your digital presence? Does the idea of making your website mobile responsive keep you up at night? Does the hashtag both terrify and confuse you (because – let’s be honest – aren’t we just talking about a pound … Continue reading

Quality Graphic Design Directly Impacts Your Brand.

by Liz Rodriguez, January 23, 2014

Quality Graphic Design May Impact Your brand More Than you Think. The key to having a successful business on the World Wide Web is to create and promote a beautiful and easy-to-use website for all of your customers and visitors. Just like you would invest in top interior designer for … Continue reading


by Liz Rodriguez, December 1, 2013

New Advertising guidelines for lawyers This handbook was produced by the Ethics and Advertising Department in an effort to assist advertising lawyers in developing advertisements that comply with the rules governing lawyer advertising. For your convenience, this handbook includes, among other things: an overview of applicable regulations broken down by … Continue reading

3 Golden Do-It-Yourself SEO Tips

by Liz Rodriguez, November 20, 2013

An un-SEO’d website is like a restaurant sitting in the middle of the Sahara desert. Only vultures know it’s there. Here are (3) three basic strategies you can implement yourself to help your website rank higher on searches and make you feel golden. 1. Write About Cool Stuff Content is king … Continue reading

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Turn Your Social Media Strategy Pages Into Powerful Lead Generators

by Liz Rodriguez, November 19, 2013

Social Media Strategy tips and tricks Many business owners today are still reluctant to embrace a social media strategy as the new way of marketing. These folks will soon fall by the wayside unless they learn to navigate the social media marketing waters. Don’t let it be you. Equipped with … Continue reading

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Creative Agencies: What We Do and Why They are Needed More than Ever

by Liz Rodriguez, June 27, 2013

[one_half] The other day, we talked about a few of Design House Agency’s favorite graphic design companies in the United States and the innovative work they have created for their wide range of clients. Today, we want to discuss some of the more specific things creative agencies do and the … Continue reading

Paid Underground Facebook “Likes” Can Cost You More Than You Know

by Liz Rodriguez, June 21, 2013

Ever since the advent of the Internet, businesses have tried to figure ways to maximize their presence on search engines. With the development of Facebook and other social media sites, a business’ SEM (aka ‘search engine marketing) results could be influenced by it’s social media engagement. In the case of … Continue reading

Vine, the Internet’s (and Twitter’s) Next Best Thing, Now Available for Android Users

by Liz Rodriguez, June 19, 2013

Twitter has finally released an Android version for Vine, their very popular video sharing app. For those of you not familiar with this highly addictive piece of software, Vine allows users to create, upload, and share homemade video clips. The tricky thing about it is each clip is only six … Continue reading

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