Interactive Art Designer at DESIGN HOUSE featured on The Huffington Post!

by Liz Rodriguez, January 19, 2016

Interactive Art Designer & Co-Founder Gretel Vinas talks about the success of her fast growing digital agency that she started from her home office.

interactive art designerInteractive art director & front-­end designer Gretel Vinas.

Design House a full­-service digital agency &​web design company with a team of strategists, designers, coders and digital junkies obsessed with UX. She is also an artist/illustrator and currently resides in Miami­ Coral Gables, Florida.

How has your life experience made you the leader you are today?
I’m the daughter of a single mother. We immigrated from Cuba when I was a child. I watched my mother work hard and struggle to raise my sister and I. It was hard for her. And even as children, my sister and I knew that times were tough and survival was the goal. Like many children of struggling immigrant parents, we knew to start working and pulling our weight as soon as possible. My mother’s deepest desire was for her daughters to be independent. She also, encouraged me to follow my dreams in the arts. Read more here.

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