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About the Allen Morris Company

The Allen Morris Company is one of the largest diversified real estate firms in the southeastern United States. It shares one major philosophy in common with Design House: Its legacy of success is a result of having clients’ needs come first. The website that would come to represent Allen Morris needed to appeal to a wide range of bilingual visitors who seek the company’s various real estate services. It needed to convey that Allen Morris delivers what it promises –everytime.

A beautiful website and brochure that display the best in real estate is how Design House has helped Allen Morris engage and connect with clients.

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Our Approach

The Allen Morris company partnered with Design House to create an engaging piece of online real estate that sets the company apart while displaying its own physical real estate. It needed to be a mobile-friendly website that would showcase their existing properties with the ability to add new ones. Our team got right to work by creating wireframes, customizing a theme, and migrating existing content and images on to the new platform. We made sure the website was looking good on mobile and tablet devices.

After launching the site with flying colors we created a quad-fold accordion display of the Allen Morris Company. The brochure highlights the company’s business services, featured properties and new expansion into the residential development sector – with the SLS luxury project in Miami. Market researchers carefully planned a strategy, and we got right to work by creating moodboards and crafted storyboards that showed the design layout for the brochure. We like to use actual paper cutouts and overlay them to help us gain some direction and inspiration. Once we felt we had a grip on the direction for the layout, it was time to design the quad-fold accordion. Our client was very happy with the turnout, and we continue to work with The Allen Morris company on managing their website updates, plugins, SEO and other design services. Allen Morris and Design House are proof the real estate in which you reside is just as important as the digital space you occupy.

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