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Tria is a Brazilian based company with offices around the world. They specialize in designing and manufacturing high-end furniture for office and residential use.  Pairing up with Tria was an obvious choice for Design House, because we both believe in exquisite design with a fresh approach. But how do you reach out to the furniture market in a place as far and wide as the northern hemisphere?

Picture of a modern chair product by Client

We facilitated the entry of furnishings sold by this Brazilian retailer into U.S. homes thanks to a fresh brand and engaging catalog.

Picture of a table with Catalog design

Our Approach

We partnered with Tria because they sought a stronger North American presence and wanted to create a branding experience specifically geared toward the United States demographic. After much research and planning we were off to create a marketing plan that Tria’s U.S. brand development would follow. Once we felt we had achieved the needed marketing and concepts, we started the design and executed the actual products. With that came the storyboards that inspired Tria’s U.S. product catalog. We successfully created a logo and brand that served as the foundation for this book. The catalog always kept the integrity of their main brand. Our client was very pleased, and we continue to work with them on several other marketing projects. Now the U.S. market is sitting pretty in Tria’s furniture.

Graphic of banner from Awwwards for Design House which were nominees