13 great tips for SEO small business success

by Liz Rodriguez, February 7, 2017

Local content for SEO small business success

Content is key to the positioning and promotion of every business, and tailored local content can help to boost SEO small business success in any industry.

Local content is positively recognized by online algorithms and helps provide businesses with a better chance of appearing at the top of a search engine’s results. To rank highly in organic search results businesses need to regularly be publishing content, a task that can often feel quite daunting.

As the leading online search engine, Google provides users with the most relevant content as quickly as possible. Results that appear at the top of the page are undoubtedly more appealing and small businesses can implement a number of local content for SEO strategies to reach this goal.

So how can you create local content for SEO small business success?

SEO small business success

Set realistic goals: from the start, set goals that will enable you to focus on areas where you can easily control traffic. Are there gaps in your current content output? Can you capitalize on local trends in a more effective way? These targets will help you gain local content for SEO success and place your business at the top of search engine rankings.

Reputation: the quality of service and your standing as a small business are important for local content SEO success. Have faith in your online record but be prepared to critically analyze what’s working and what isn’t in order to drive the SEO of your small business to the very best that it can be.

What your customers want: customers are content hungry and want high-quality information that addresses their needs. Identify what it is that they really want and how you can deliver upon their requirements. Conduct simple research through online polls to identify which types of local content is a customer favorite, and combine with stat analysis to drive forward your chances of local content for SEO success.

Answer questions: local content can also be produced to answer the questions that locals are searching for. At the heart of this opportunity for small business SEO success is an understanding of the search intent of your customers. Investigate the terms that are in demand, drilling down to finding out why a user is searching for particular actions or information. Use tools like Google Trends to maximize the keywords you are using to give your local content for SEO an added boost.

Work with others: great things come from collaboration and your local content can receive instant improvement from working with others. Spotlight other local businesses that you trade with, your local clients and be bold when sharing what’s great about your local community. This approach can give a lift to everyone’s local content and SEO!

Be consistent: to give your local content the best chance of achieving SEO success, you must be consistent in your posts. Create a posting schedule for your website and social media platforms which enables you to plan ahead and keep up to speed with what you are publishing. Implement a template that provides customers and followers with an expectation of what they will be reading, and use keywords and tags to effectively reach your local audience online. Consistency with your local content for SEO is key to achieving small business success!

The position of a trusted local expert: position yourself and your business as a local expert as a way to enhance the SEO of your small business and your credibility. Be familiar and active with local Facebook groups, Twitter hours and Periscope broadcasts. If they don’t exist, create new ones that will allow you to engage with and bring together your local community. Don’t stick to purely online networking- supplement your online activities with offline ones, and consider starting a meet-up program to share your expertise and seek new business in person.

Produce a guide for your area: local content for SEO can also be reached by producing an authoritative guide in your area. Team up with other traders to produce a small business map of your community and use the niche product to attract new customers to find out more about your community. Produce smartphone-friendly versions as well as promoting on social media and other interactive platforms.

Don’t forget the basics: keeping up to date with easy tasks can often boost small business SEO success. Remember to keep your contact information up to date, use rich content such as photos and videos and respond to messages in a timely fashion. Social media platforms like Facebook spotlight the response times of messages on their pages – you don’t want to appear as a business that is slow to respond to customers!

Tags and data: important steps like tagging and metadata can be easily overlooked in the rush to publish local content. Check your tagging checklist each time you post, with a focus on packing your description fields with lots of local keywords and using targeted tagging in your local content to advance its SEO success.

Long-tail keywords: create a bank of long-tail keywords that can be used throughout your local content for excellent SEO small business success. These extended phrases are favored by Google and provide you with a greater chance of appearing at the top of the search engine’s list.

Hyperlocal: don’t be afraid to go hyperlocal and target specific areas of your town or city with your local content for SEO. Review how Google views your neighborhood’s boundaries before beginning this task.

Encourage feedback: many of us check the review section of our local businesses before paying them a visit or shopping online. To boost the local SEO of your small business encourage reviews on websites like Yelp and TripAdvisor as well as your social media profiles. Display testimonials and customer reviews on your website, providing incentives for clients who provide you with feedback. Good or bad, these reviews add a layer of authenticity and help to position you within the local business community.

How has your local content for  SEO small business success strategy improved your business? We’re keen to hear your thoughts!

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